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Apple Watch 6 is a major leap forward for Apple in its wearable technology. Apple Watch 6 is something that defines the premium fitness that Apple brings forward through every product. While there are many different Apple Watch rivals in the market who have been trying to copy the design and appeal of an Apple Watch, none has been able to level the kind of technology the device provides for its price. The launch of the new Apple Watch 6 brought together a lot of new features to the table, such as improved design, faster performance, better battery life, and a new Sp02 feature that allows the user to measure the blood oxygen level in real-time. 

The watch is a direct replacement for Apple Watch 5 and starts at a price tag of $379.99. The company has tried to bring a lot of features from a fitness band like Fitbit, combined together with the watch technology and new features. One of the major reasons why people prefer to buy an Apple watch is the design and style. The watch has one of the best finishes and colours available for the users. The watch is made from aluminium and stainless steel, giving it a higher quality finish. The watch also comes in ceramic and titanium versions, for which you will have to shell out some extra bucks. The Watch Series 6 retains a lot of features from the Apple Watch Series 5 and further improves its performance and durability. The phone has the same screen tech and digital crown. 

But since it just works perfectly, we cannot complain about that. One of the major head-turning features of the watch is the Blood Oxygen measuring feature, which is truly great to use in real-time. The watch passes a red LED through your skin and tracks the color of the blood and the bounceback of the light. It then helps to track the amount of oxygen your blood has at the current time. The feature does turn out to be accurate at all times and has been carefully calibrated for the Apple Watch 6. Apart from that, it has the ECG feature which is only exclusive to Apple Watch 6. The in-built ECG app is very accurate and can be used immediately in an emergency situation.


In short, the watch is great to use and has a much better user experience than the previous generation. The best part about the watch is the addition of a new watch face, which can also be set as the cartoon character of yourself. The company has also changed the bands for the smartwatch, which are now attached to the watch and is easier to wear and carry. The watch will perform many times faster and will provide you details like heart rate increase, blood oxygen level, height tracking, and a lot more. So if you want a watch that can provide you all the premium and new features while maintaining the same classic and finish of Apple products, then you should definitely go for this watch. Otherwise, Apple has still continued the Apple Watch Series 3 if you are looking for a more affordable watch, and an Apple watch SE which is a lighter version for Apple Watch 6 but lacks a lot of health features.

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