My name is Moumita and I am a big Technophile and a full-time Globetrotter. Traveling the world and learning a lot about technology has not only been my passion since school but still continues to excite me. Due to the very same reason, I did my Masters in Geography from Vidyasagar University, which not only provides me the knowledge but the confidence of pursuing my passion even further. It not only fed my hunger for technical knowledge but helped me connect to various places on earth through it. I am a Technoholic and love spending time while observing the events held on our Planet Earth. 

I am an expert in Remote sensing and GIS. GIS or Geographic System Information mapping is a way to record or map different events on our planet using the best of available technology. I also specialize in remote sensing, which is more of an art form of science, that is used to measure the earth with the help of different kinds of sensors. I am very knowledgeable about using these remote sensors to collect data from the energy that is reflected back by the earth. My skill set allows me to understand the use of the sensors that are arranged on planes and satellites to collect data from the earth in the form of images and manipulate them for data.

Since it had both the points of interest for me, I started working as a Professor at Bidhan Chandra College, where I now impart the knowledge about GIS and Remote sensing to the students. Making students learn about such things brings me great joy as I help them to understand how we can study the earth and understand how it reacts to different things through multiple events. I myself am always intrigued by the kind of technology that is now available to have so much data on the earth’s event. After seeing a lot of interest in younger individuals in this, I have been trying to use different types of applications and ways to make them understand the concepts better.

Teaching people about GIS and Remote sensing is not only a work profile for me but also a great way to understand how you can use the latest technology to study the earth’s secrets. As I am a big techjunky, I always try to find out anything new that the tech world has to offer. I am regularly engaged with the latest technology news to make sure that I am always updated about the availability of new technology or devices that are unique inventions. My love for technology has made me understand the importance of improving technology in our lives and how it actually affects us directly. Since I keep a lot of updates on technological things, I also like to buy new devices and like to try and test them.

If my life is two sides of the coin, then one will be technology and the other will be travel. I travel a lot and I am always intrigued to go to new places and meet new people. Travelling not only helps me experience new things but also helps me to expand the dimensions of my thinking. Since I live for travelling and technology, I make sure that I regularly go out on adventures, looking out for new and unexplored places, and capturing every moment of it with my gadgets. I like to travel to the mountains, oceans, plains, and almost anywhere that I have not explored yet. I do want to be someone, who has every detail and information about the latest tech and become an avid traveller who loves to travel and explore something new every time.